People remember a story 22 times more than a fact. 
Stories have the power to unite us and build deeper connections through
compassion, trust, and empathy.
A story can encourage us to positively influence our social behavior and how we view the world.  Stories have the power to unite us and build deeper connections.
Great brands know this to be true.
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Boo-Yah! Media Brokerage 
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This division is anchored with and inspired by many of the world's greatest storytellers and will be optimized with a boutique collection of African and International Clients. Boo- Yah! Media Brokerage Africa exists due to client demand for Pan African Channel Distribution/Affiliate Management, Content Sales, and demand for on the ground advertising/sponsorship knowledge across the continent. 


In all these disciplines Boo-Yah Media Brokerage Africa will deliver unparalleled results to our boutique client portfolio. 


We offer the opportunity to take your content to a Pan African audience and monetize same thru our unparalleled contact  base at Agency and Brand level across the African Continent

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Ding  Dong! 

Boo-Yah Media - Your bespoke, Pan African broadcasting brokerage service.

Delivering cost-effective, innovative, bespoke media solutions to our boutique portfolio of seminal entertainment, news and sports brands.


Boo-Yah! Media brings the greatest international content to African audiences aligning and cultivating deeper meaningful connections.



Boo-Yah! Media will put your unique needs at the center of EVERY decision


1. Channel Distribution / Affiliate Sales

Boo-Yah! Media will connect Pan African Audiences with your content via

Pay TV, FTA, DSO and OTT Platforms


2. Content Sales / Brokerage 

Boo-Yah! Media will connect Pan African Audiences with your content via:

a) content sales

b) content blocks

c) pop up channels across Pay TV, FTA, DSO and OTT Platforms


3. Advertising, Sponsorship, and Promotion

Boo-Yah Media! has an unparalleled contact base at the Agency level and with Client Direct across the Continent. 

We guarantee exponential growth in ad sales, sponsorship, and promotions while embedding your brand(s) at agency/brand level.

Ask how Boo-Yah! Media can build new and improved solutions for you and your business across Africa.

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Colman Murray
Managing Director  
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