“In God we trust. All others must bring DATA.”
- W. Edward Deming




Customer Experience Research

Boo-Yah! developed a unique customer experience research methodology that focusses on Quantitative and Qualitative research.  Our approach: The Power3, Connects, Co-Creates and Cares about the customer experience FIRST.  It is designed to reveal meaningful patterns that enables empathetic responses and informs positive change.  This unique approach empowers brands to design with knowledge and build insight based ideas to achieve end-to-end customer engagement in a multichannel world.

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Customer Experience (CX) Strategic Plans

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Boo-Yah! are the industry leaders in CX Audit. We believe in always finding new and better ways to uncover insights, which means we are constantly breaking moulds and pushing the boundaries with our fresh approach to researching the customer experience journey.  

These audits are essential to fully understand the factors that interrupt the brand’s potential to grow, retain and acquire new customers within the sales funnel.  

How do we find the VOICE of your customers?

Data is where it all begins… and knowing what to do with it is our differentiator. 

We start with an in-depth analysis of your business data. This uncovers both the small and big revelations, which will reveal the triggers behind your customers’ purchasing decisions and product development and improvement possibilities. 

By understanding what exactly makes your customers tick – the real consumer profiles, personas, behaviour and triggers, we can formulate (without ever having to speculate) the solutions to existing business problems. It simultaneously leads us to seek answers that go beyond the obvious, as well as highlighting new questions and opportunities we should pose to the data and research.

The type of data we tap into includes:





Channel and Function



CX Abyss


Demographic segmentation

Social Media adoption

Technology adoption

Privacy awareness

Loyalty indicators

Financial health

Life triggers

Life stages

Below is one example of a persona we would create. For a full demo of the entire dashboard and insights we are able to uncover, feel free to reach out.


The insights we uncover from your data (which could either be extracted by Boo-Yah! or provided by you) are the key drivers behind the direction of the customer experience audit from start to end. We fully immerse ourselves, unbiased as the customer, across all brand touch points using our unique approach to highlight the blind spots, frictions and how the brand is failing its customers’ expectations.  

This shines a light on the realities that the business needs to face, as we work our way backwards from the customer experience into the business function. We then have a full immersion process within the business, which unlocks the Customer Experience Abyss.


Traditional research still has its place, however, as times changed we realised that there is a need to introduce fresh, fun and innovative research approaches that allow for greater collaboration between businesses and their customers.  

The customer wants their voice heard, so why not co-create and extract valuable insights whilst you innovate with them?  Shouldn’t research be a customer experience too?  

We work closely with a team that consists of neuroscience specialists, psychologists, and behavioral specialists to create a bespoke study where consumers reveal their true thoughts, values and expectations that provide businesses with thought-provoking insights and ideas to co-act with their customer. 

Our process also includes incredible live interaction sessions with all types of customers – those that complain and those who are obsessed with your brand, helping us to unpack what works, what doesn’t and how to either build on it or fix it immediately.

These sessions include:

  1. Empathy Safari’s 

  2. Braai Sessions  

  3. Innovation Interventions

  4. Gamification 

  5. Podcast

  6. Wisdom of the Crowds

  7. Social Experiments 


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Boo-Yah! has developed a unique CX Strategy Framework. We call this the Design Thinking Model for Exceptional Customer Experiences, and is centered on “8 integrated I’s”. 

This framework helps businesses and CX teams to co-create and co-act across the business spectrum, resulting in a force of change, leaving nothing to chance and delivering exceptional customer experience.  

This cutting edge framework helps businesses to enable one brand experience across all touchpoints and demonstrates that it doesn’t need to be complicated, but actionable, and can yield high ROI, provided the business does not get stuck in the execution chasm.  

  1. Immerse

  2. Initiate

  3. Insight

  4. Inspire

  5. Invoke

  6. Influence

  7. Implementation

  8. Impact


Our CX Strategy covers:

  • Auditing

  • Personas

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Empathy Mapping

  • Impact Mapping

  • Strategic and Tactical approaches

  • Ideas and Opportunities to create experiences

  • Research

  • Workshops and training

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